The Mark Maxwell Group will be Performing at the Melting Point in Ahthens Georgia on 9-8-11

The Mark Maxwell Group will be in concert at The Melting Point in Athens, Georgia on Thursday, September 8th 2011, at 7:30 p.m.  The concert features material from Maxwell's many albums. Like Maxwell himself, the show is multi-faceted, showcasing music varied in style and instrumentation.  
The first set features instrumentation ranging from solo guitar to small chamber group (violin, cello, and harpsichord).  The selections range from Bach to the Beatles as well as well-known works like Vivaldi's "Concerto in D."

The second set features music from Maxwell's other Cds.  This set is more jazz-oriented. Enjoy "Black Orpheus", Carlos Jobim, and "Ain't Misbehavin' ".  Mark's concerts always end with Mason Williams' "Classical Gas."

Come enjoy a fun evening reacquainting with Mark Maxwell and friends!

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Mark will be performing a solo Gig 12-2p on 8-7-11

Mark will be performing a solo Gig 12-2pm on 8-7-11
At the Downtown Holiday Inn.
This is a lunch time gig, Sunday 8-7-11 from 12-2pm
This is Mark’s House gig! He has been playing here for 30 years!!

Of course he started playing there when he was 5!

Mark will be performing a solo Gig on 8-4-11

Mark will be performing a solo Gig 6p-8p on 8-4-11.
For an art opening in Madison Ga.


220 West Washington, St. Madison, GA  30650 706.752.1445 706.752.1447

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